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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our Byron Center blog. We’re in the process of transferring all of our posts to our new blog[...]

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Staging Your Home for Every Season

I recently read an article titled “Home Staging Tips for Every Season” by Leah Gillis. She mentions that when selling a home, the staging is[...]

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Benefits of a Grand Rapids Gated Community

There are about 15 gated communities in the Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, and Byron Center areas providing a secluded, secure, and luxurious living lifestyle.[...]

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Is a Condo in Grand Rapids Just Right for You

Choose Grand Rapids Downtown Condos for walkability and vibrant urban life...There are many benefits a condo offers that are very attractive to many homebuyers...[...]

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Introducing Forest Hills, a Fantastic Place to Live!

Forest Hills full of Fantastic Homes for Sale, Excellent Education, Great Local Community! Forest hills is a community located a little ways east of Grand[...]

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How your Spending Habits Affect your Mortgage Payments

Everyone has habits—good habits, bad habits, and everything in between. This applies to money, too, and your spending habits are reflected by your credit score.[...]

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Cooks Crossing MI: Build Your Home and Life

With beautiful neighborhood entryway details and an amazing setting of the gazebo, pond and wildlife, you will easily feel at peace in this Byron Center[...]

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Renting a home vs Buying a Home

At some point in our lives, most of us consider the tradeoffs of renting a home vs buying a home. There are definitely pros and[...]

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Checklist to Prep Your Home for Spring Listing

Getting ready to sell your Michigan home in the spring is easy with this simple checklist that will have your home looking great![...]

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